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SeaTalkie could be shipped worldwide, except China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan.

How to buy :

1.  In Hong Kong. Hong Kong distributor:
潛水歷險會 - Diving Adventure 
銅鑼灣駱克道369號香港 銅鑼灣 號 置 家 中心 5 樓 全 層
tel:+852 2572 2138
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2. For overseas.
Please choose the product below and proceed by shopping cart directly
The prices are marked in USD below. 

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For shipping outside Hong Kong. You could choose:
  1. Courier with tracking (defalut option)
    We use different courier for different countries. It takes about 2 weeks to arrive normally.
  2. FedEx,
    Please send us an email for FedEx transport fee quotation.


SeaTalkie has 1 year warranty.

Please send back the SeaTalkie to our address for warranty. It is recommended to write down your contact information in the parcel. 

Our address is:

BFU Company (Attn to John Mak)


2/F, On Tin Centre,

1 Sheung Hei Street,

San Po Kong,

Hong Kong

Tel: 852-65582679



Our staff will check and reply you after we have got your return product. 

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